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Last Call for the 2017 re-issues of Main Street, Essentials, and railroad camp. I am wrapping up production on these three popular kits with the soon to be released Brass and Iron Foundry on the near horizon! Please click on the banners below for more information on each kit.

SierraWest HO Scale Craftsman Kits set the standard in the Model Railroad Structure Hobby. Manufactured with unparalleled quality, innovation, and detail, SierraWest Craftsman Kits are the most awarded kits in our hobby. Created by Brett Gallant in very limited quantities and small batches.

BlueSky Company

Released October 1995 | Sold Out

Scotia Supply

Released February 1996 | Sold Out

Eureka Springs Engine House

Released October 1996 | Sold Out

Water Tank and Storage Shed

Released March 1997 | Sold Out

Shelby's Marine

Released March 1998 | Sold Out

Logging and Tractor Repair Shed

Released January 1999 | Sold Out

Wood Cutters Shack

Released October 1999 | Sold Out

Machine Shop at Deer Creek

Released March 2000 | Sold Out

Backwoods Work Train

Released June 2000 | Sold Out

Freight House

Released October 2000 | Sold Out

Foss' Landing

Released December 2000 | Sold Out

railroad camp

Released August 2002 | Limited Release

Quincy Salvage

Released April 2003 | Sold Out

Duluth Plumbing Company

Released April 2007 | Sold Out

E.J.Whiley Wholesale

Released February 2009 | Sold Out

Logging Camp Main Street

Released June 2007 | Limited Release

Logging Camp Essentials

Released February 2008 | Limited Release

Tool Shed

Released August 2008 | Sold Out

Lineside Shed

Released November 2011 | Sold Out

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