The HO Scale Riverfront

the companion diorama to
O’Neills Fabrication & the Brass and Iron Foundry

Limited Edition Craftsman Kit Numbers 213 and 214

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Aye Mate!
Once a River Rat... Always a River Rat

The Riverfront is a multi structure diorama featuring a riverfront dock scene and a barge inlet. (With the barge of course!) Whether you already model waterfronts, the Riverfront is the perfect diorama for anyone wanting to model water and trains. The amount of river is very small, just a strip along the rear of the diorama making it easy to fit into any situation. The companion diorama to O'Neills and the Foundry, it compliments them with a backwoods industry brimming with prototypical activity. Supplies are brought in and shipped out in a natural flow of materials. In addition, oil, coal, gravel, and sand, are transferred along the docks. The Riverfront features multiple siding and roofing materials and of course the type of fine details SierraWest is famous for. Work is underway on the pilot model and I am very excited to share more details with you!