I so appreciate the support of my awesome customers. I have one small favor to ask of you. The techniques I present on my website, without compensation, are happily provided for any modeler to use in their personal modeling efforts. It is important to support our modeling community in the same way that I have been supported since 1995. If you are a manufacturer, online content creator, etc... that is anyone who is not using these techniques for personal modeling, please do not use my techniques in your commercial endeavors. Take the time, as I have, to develop your own methods. I hear reports of “professionals” using my techniques without permission.

Please click on the links below to open the different instructions, they are provided in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. You can view or print them at that point. If you would like to print them be sure to check the "fit to page" option in your printers dialog box for the best results.

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"Working with SierraWest 3D Printed Castings"

Start here when looking for techniques on working with SierraWest 3D Printed details.
Topics discused include drilling, reaming, and general handling advice.
Color choices when priming, creating metallic and wood finishes,
and creating a clear finish on the translucent details like bottles.
Click on the "Videos" link above for even more techniques.
Updated August 2023.

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"Constructing SierraWest 3D Printed Disconnected Log Cars"
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"Constructing SierraWest 3D Printed Tractor kits"
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"Working with the SierraWest 3D Printed Blacksmith Set"
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"the Twin Mills at Deer Creek Supplemental Instructions"

Companion to the the Twin Mills 3D Printed Update Sets
Detailed instructions written to supplement the manual that was included with your Twin Mills kit.
Updated Sawmill Machinery, Mill Engine, and Loader topics are covered.

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"Constructing the HME900 Double Cylinder Mill Engine"
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"Constructing the HSB850 Stationary Horizontal Boiler"

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"Constructing the CHB O Scale Sawmill Machinery"