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Celebrating 25 Years of Creating Craftsman Kits

O Scale Truck Repair
Long Live the King! The eagerly awaited Part Two of the award winning railroad camp diorama is now shipping!
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The HO Scale Riverfront
I am happy to announce my next HO Scale kit. The companion diorama to O'Neills Fabrication and the Brass and Iron Foundry.
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CHB White Metal Details
Beautifully Cast from new molds, these are the classic white metal details from Charlie Brommer. Very limited quantities. I will try to keep these stocked from time to time and add to the selection.
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HO Scale Brass and Iron Foundry
The HO Scale Brass and Iron Foundry kit is now shipping! Be sure to order yours before it has sold out. The Foundry is the companion structure to O'Neills Fabrication and The Riverfront.
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Resin Casting Sets
Thoughtfully curated casting sets drawing upon my vast library of thousands of details created over the last two decades. Use them to dress up any scene that needs a little touch of SierraWest to make it come alive and tell a story. Limited production time.
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O Scale Disconnects and Dolbeers
Small runs of the On3/On30 Disconnects and Dolbeers are now available by popular request. Limited production time.
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A note about the SWNEWS! banner logo at the top of this page. Up until about mid-2004 I used to mail out (you know, stamps, postal service kind of mail) green paper SierraWest newsletters to announce new kits and products. As the Internet grew in popularity I discontinued these mailings. I am sure many of my longtime customers not only remember these newsletters but still have them somewhere. The oldest one's were highly sought after and could be found for sale at shows back in the day. Anyhow, the masthead logo on those green newsletters was the same as the banner at the top of this page. It is the exact computer file from those days reformatted and used here. I thought that was a really neat story to share.