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Technique Videos

Basic techniques I demonstrate includes adding simple knots, knot holes, toothpick knots, and sawblade banding to stripwood.

The wonderful technique I developed that creates a versatile base for all painting and detailing on metal castings.

The stripwood coloring method used in most SierraWest kits. Developed by myself with the help of Brian Nolan, this award winning technique has become a hallmark of SierraWest kits.

Damp brushing is a whole lot like dry brushing but much easier. This video is a must watch for anybody building O'Neills Fabrication.

Preparation is the foundation of quality weathering. In this video I demonstrate the way I prep my resin castings prior to painting and weathering.

Now that you've prepped them get them painted and weathered. Some easy to reproduce techniques that will improve the finish on your resin castings.

Diorama Walk-Through Videos

A walk-through "guided tour" of my O Scale O'Neills Fabrication Part One pilot model.

A walk-through "guided tour" of my award winning HO Scale O'Neills Fabrication Pilot Model.

Unboxing Videos

The contents of my award winning HO Scale O"Neills Fabrication Kit are unboxed and discussed.

The contents of my award winning HO Scale Loco and Service Shops Kit are unboxed and discussed.

The contents of my award winning O Scale Sawmill Project kit are unboxed  and discussed.

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