Diorama and Pilot Model Designed and Constructed by Brett Gallant

Based Upon J&L Mining by Roger Malinowski

Names, Logos, and Photographs Owned and Copyright Brett Gallant

HO Scale Deer Creek Mine

Limited Edition Craftsman Kit Number 210

SierraWest Puts the Detail First!

A great kit design deserves details that re-defines state of the art in HO Scale. I developed brand new mastering techniques to create the exquisite castings included in the Deer Creek Mine. An unrivaled level of fine detailing brings a wonderful large scale quality and character to HO Scale that has never been seen before.

HO Scale Deer Creek Mine

Kit 210  |  Now Shipping

Everything Pictured is Included Except Track and Scenery

$310 plus shipping and applicable taxes

The diorama measures 13" x 7"

with the top of the headframe at 7" tall

Back at the 2009 Narrow Gauge Convention in Colorado Springs, Roger Malinowski and I were talking about trading kit designs. I would downscale one of his O Scale Stoney Creek kits and he would upscale one of my HO Scale designs. The HO Scale Deer Creek Mine is the result of that conversation. Roger released his J & L Mining Company in 2013 and the minute I saw it I knew that was the design I wanted. Thanks for such an awesome design Roger!

The HO Scale Deer Creek Mine features:

New Stationary Horizontal Boiler

New Double Cylinder Mine Hoist Engine

New Mine Shaft Blower

New Mine Ore Skip

New Mine Ore Bin Gates

New Mine Ore Cars

Many More New Castings...

Acrylic Laser Cut Jigs and Assembly Aides

Comprehensive Easy to Follow Construction Manual

Laser Cut Windows, Doors, and Interior Wall Framing

Board on Board Hoist House and Tipple

The diorama creation is paramount in the development of each new SierraWest  kit. Instructions are provided leading you through every phase of construction including tool selection, assembly, weathering and aging, diorama composition, and scenery application. When you view the pictures of the Deer Creek Mine diorama remember this. SierraWest kits are unique in the level and amount of detail provided. Since all four sides are fully detailed, you have a ton of flexibility in placement and view-ability.

The little mine cars are incredible and illustrate the large scale thinking I bring to HO Scale. In the 1990's, the industry was excited about castings with all of the details cast in place as one piece. (Like a mine car with four wheels cast to the under-body.) Today I provide you with the body, frame, and four wheels. It is so much easier to weather the individual components and assemble the car than it is to paint the parts as one unit. The mine car is just one example of this type of thinking. (Notice the crates filled with individual parts.)

I love the boiler and you will too. It is the most detailed boiler ever made in HO Scale yet it is effortless to assemble. A two-part resin body that self aligns is complimented by cast metal details. And yes, if you look closely you will be able to read "Williams Bros" cast in place on the front of the smoke box and firebox doors. (That's more detail than found in O Scale.)

My famous comprehensive manual and digitally reproduced templates guide you thoughtfully along the construction process. I consider myself a teacher in addition to being a manufacturer. My manual provides guidance and confidence building techniques allowing you to reproduce the results pictured here. I am so proud of the number of customers who have won major national awards with the SierraWest kits they have constructed, following the provided instructions!

The Deer Creek Mine includes many laser cut components to aide in your construction. These include assembly jigs, wall framing, and roof trusses. They are designed to compliment the craftsman building techniques, not replace them. This is very important. Careful thought and design practice combined with decades of experience provide for a unique building experience. Laser cut acrylic assembly jigs are provided to insure the tipple bents are all constructed uniform in size, especially height. This allows you the ability to construct the tipple out of stripwood for a true craftsman appearance as opposed to a laser cut wooden tipple. The jig combines the accuracy of the laser with the quality of scratchbuilt.

A fully detailed hoist house with a removable roof is included in the Deer Creek Mine. Would you expect anything less? A prototypical double cylinder mine hoist engine and blower were mastered new just for this kit. I even mastered new wooden crates and acetylene tanks because I was getting tired of the old one's. I am never satisfied to sit back and use the same techniques and castings from kit to kit, year after year after year. I am always looking for updated techniques, new castings, and better scenery materials. This adds interest and provides all of us a unique learning experience that never gets boring or stale. My kits are constantly evolving and improving. I am very proud of this!

HO Scale Deer Creek Mine

Kit 210  |  Now Shipping

Everything Pictured is Included Except Track and Scenery

$310 plus shipping and applicable taxes

The diorama measures 13" x 7"

with the top of the headframe at 7" tall

Bill Obenauf's Spectacular Deer Creek Mine Diorama

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