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the O Scale

Brass and Iron Foundry
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The photograph above is of the HO Scale Foundry. It is a thoughtfully researched multi-structure diorama with so many fascinating angles and scenes. The large stone main Foundry building anchors the diorama. Extending toward the front is a small stone materials preparation workroom and the company office. The clapboard office with its simple false front and recessed entry is a vintage scene that would have been so common anywhere in North America. The Pattern Shop anchors the right side of the diorama with the repair shop and incredible tempering oven/shed scene where truck springs were made in the early days of the automobile. Henry Ford would have been just one of the many characters seen wandering about the scene! The O Scale version is a faithful upscale of my award winning HO Scale diorama.

Future releases ship every 30 - 60 days
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Brass and Iron Foundry Part One
314a - Structures $295, Now Available
Pattern Shop
Repair Shop
Tempering Shed

O Scale Brass and Iron Foundry Part One
Kit 314a | Now Shipping
$295 plus shipping and applicable taxes

Future Releases:

314b - Exterior Details (coming very soon)
Pattern Shop
Repair Shop
Tempering Oven
Structural Details

314c - Exterior Details
Pattern Shop
Repair Shop
Transfer Dock

314d - Exterior Details
Tempering Shed
Repair Shop

Brass and Iron Foundry Part Two
315a - Structures
Work Room

315b - Exterior Details
Work Room

315c - Exterior Details
Gantry Crane and Yard

315d - Exterior Details
Sand Bay
Coal Bin

Part Three
O Scale Foundry Bonus Detail Set

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