Diorama and Pilot Model Designed and Constructed by Brett Gallant

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HO Scale Brass and Iron Foundry

The Foundry is the companion diorama to O’neills Fabrication

Limited Edition Craftsman Kit Number 212

Morton’s is a faithful representation of a family owned Brass and Iron Foundry as it might have existed in the early Twentieth Century. It would have been plausible even as late as the 1950’s. The Foundry is an important industry in the Branchline Alley community. Casting work includes hoist engine components, pipe valves and fittings, and a small spring works where light duty truck springs were tempered and assembled. A Foundry like Morton’s would also cast custom parts for the businesses in the area such as farming and nautical implements.

The Foundry is a thoughtfully researched multi structure diorama with so many fascinating angles and scenes. The large stone main building anchors the diorama. Extending toward the front is a small stone materials preparation workroom and the company office. The clapboard office with its simple false front and recessed entry is a vintage scene that would have been so common anywhere in North America.

The large stone foundry proper features wonderful hand carved walls by the master mason: Russ Greene. Across the concrete transfer and loading dock is the oldest structure on the diorama, the pattern shop. Originally the county blacksmith, the old-faded lettering can still be seen above the large split sliding doors. Adjoining the front of the pattern shop is a light duty repair shop and the small tarpaper tempering shed and oil-fired oven used for manufacturing the truck springs.

Morton’s features the original oil-fired brass furnace encased in a brick chimney. The oil is supplied from the adjoining O’Neills Fabrication used motor oil storage tank. An iron cupola furnace was added later making Morton’s a very flexible foundry. The addition of the iron cupola furnace accounts for the main buildings roof vent configuration. There were originally a pair of identical three section vents. One of the vents was modified by removing the last section and adding the cupola vent for the iron furnace. This kind of attention to prototypical detail makes SierraWest kits unique and is a feature you have come to anticipate in new releases.

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HO Scale Brass and Iron Foundry

Kit 212  |  Now Shipping

Everything Pictured is Included Except Track and Scenery

The Diorama Measures Approximately 11" x 14"

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I founded SierraWest in 1995 and have been a one man operation since day one. I make everything by hand to my exacting standards and know you will be pleased with your kit! I will never sacrifice quality for speed and always provide exceptional customer service and support including fast response to emails and phone calls. I am always here if you have any questions so please feel free to contact me anytime before or after you order. Thank you sincerely for you support!

The attention to the smallest detail is evident. The story telling is paramount in the development of each new kit. Instructions are provided leading you through every phase of construction including tool selection, assembly, weathering and aging, diorama composition, and scenery creation and application. It is of the utmost of importance to me that the techniques I develop and utilize are reproducible for modelers of all experience levels. When you view the pictures of Morton's remember this. SierraWest kits are unique in the level and amount of detail provided. Since all four sides are fully detailed, you have a ton of flexibility in placement and view-ability.

Here are just a few of the features of SierraWest kits:

 - Board on Board Modeling the Award Winning SierraWest Way

 - Learn My Techniques for Multiple Types of Siding and Roofing Materials

 - Tons of New Castings and Realistic Clutter

 - Incredibly Fine Laser Made Details Created Just for the Foundry

 - Comprehensive Instructions with Thoughtful Techniques You Can Replicate

 - Laser Cut Jigs and Assembly Aids

 - Laser Cut Windows, Doors, and Wall Framing

 - Beautiful New Signs Meticulously Researched and Reproduced for Accuracy

 - Ribbed and Corrugated Roofing, New Laser Cut Shingles, Tarpapers

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