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Brass and Iron Foundry
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Limited Edition Craftsman Kit Number 212

My design philosophy allows me the freedom to explore many different creative processes. Using simple techniques and easily obtainable materials, I am able to achieve award winning results time after time. While most of us will never enter our models in a contest (including me) I am so proud that many of my customers over the decades have won awards at national train shows including the coveted "best of show". I am equally proud to hear the heartfelt stories from fellow modelers who increased their skill and confidence using my techniques and building my kits. That is so rewarding and I thank you for that honor!
I built my first craftsman kit at the age of 10 in my family garage. Those early dioramas I constructed left a lifelong impression me. I had been interested in model railroading but it was the fine details that really inspired me and led me down the path that eventually turned into SierraWest. Getting to know so many of you over the years I am not surprised when we find there was that shared experience in our youth. I approach each new project with that same level of excitement that was present way back then!
My passion is creating prototypically detailed scenes interpreted for the modeler. I want my dioramas to evoke nostalgic memories and feelings. The story is told with the detaials, colors, and textures. I love it when non-modelers "get it" finding the inspiration for the scene among the various components. That is a real joy and brings a great amount of satisfaction! I strive to teach my customers how I achieve these results and am so pleased to be able to offer short instructive online videos to compliment the kits printed manual. What an awesome combination.
Another wonderful resource available to you is the SierraWest forum. Many wonderful friends and customers share their creativity for all of us to marvel at and enjoy. Be sure to visit my forum and if you feel so inclined contribute some material.
I utilize resin and metal to create my castings with unrivaled clarity and sharpness. I pioneered a new approach to detailing several years ago. Study the scenes... notice how realistic the clutter appears. These scenes are created using individual castings weathered and painted separately then glued in place. This allows you to concentrate on more realistic appearing details with natural variety and wonderful character. This has not been possible before. This is the true essence of storytelling and allows you a tremedous amount of flexibility.

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