SierraWest Scale Models 3D Printed Details and KitsSince 1995, SierraWest Scale Models has been the undisputed leader the world over in hand-poured resin and white metal detail castings. With emerging 3D Printing technology, SierraWest continues this tradition of unparalleled dedication to quality and innovation. Utilizing custom high-strength tooling resin, SierraWest HO Scale and O Scale 3D Printed details are very durable and easily handled. Supports are removed here in the shop so you can enjoy the painting and weathering process. Replacement parts are sent fast and free if you damage or lose a part. A small shipping and packaging fee may be added. Be sure to check back often for the addition of new details and kits.

All items listed for sale on this page are in stock and ready to ship within 2-3 business days. Please allow additional processing time for orders that include newly released items (due to increased demand) and those outside the USA and Canada. All items are in very limited quantities and once sold out the "buy now" button will indicate "out of stock". Items will be restocked as time permits.

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Chain Mast Drive Forklist

Manufactured by Clark-Duat
Lexington, Kentucky
In Stock for Immediate Shipment
SierraWest Scale Models 3DP Kits

The Duat "Tractor with Forks" was the first internal combustion forklift and truly revolutionized warehouses. For the first time, manufacturers could take advantage of vertical space by double-stacking loads. There’s nothing better for me than bringing historical accuracy to my kits. I had an absolute blast with this kit. A couple thoughts: This is a heavily modified version to make it more suitable for modeling and to fit a wide variety of loading dock spaces. The chain was made from iron links back then so a rusty appearance if desired is prototypical. Wooden palettes pictured are not included. A link to the online instructions are included.

O Scale 1920's Era "Duat" Forklift Kit

HO Scale 1920's Era "Duat" Forklift Kit

Wade Wood "Drag" Saw

Manufactured by R.M. Wade & CO.
Portland, Oregon
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SierraWest Scale Models 3DP Kits

On May 4, 1918, R.M. Wade ran an advertisement in "The Country Gentlemen" touting the success of its revolutionary gasoline powered wood saw. At 4 H.P., the saw was claimed to do the work of ten times that of two men in the woods. It could cut a 40 inch log in five minutes. All this for only $165. The SierraWest 3D Printed kits main A-frame body is a single print. The saw blase assembly is a separate print so you can angle it appropiately to stage your saw as I have pictured. Super easy assembly so you can concentrate on painting and weathering to create a great little backwoods scene. Be sure to zoom into the photographs. The detail is incredible! Actual individual chain links on the drive. Only modern 3D Printing can achieve this level of realism.

O Scale Wade Wood "Drag" Saw Kit

HO Scale Wade Wood "Drag" Saw Kit

Hill Acme Portable Crane

Manufactured by Hill Acme CO.
Cleveland, Ohio
In Stock for Immediate Shipment
SierraWest Scale Models 3DP Kits

The Hill Clutch Machine and Foundry Company was founded in 1886 and after several mergers and aquisitions was renamed the Hill Acme Company in 1940. The company is still operating today in Ontario Canada manufacturing various machinery. This portable crane was a very popluar item and was advertised as a 4-in-1 tool. Used as a crane, hoist, shop truck, and portable ladder. This represnts about a 6000 pound capacity crane that weighed in at 625 pounds. The SierraWest print features a two-piece crane and base with a separate handle and hook. Thread is included to string your crane. The chain is not included.

O Scale Hill Acme Portable Crane Kit

HO Scale Hill Acme Portable Crane Kit

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