Since 1995, SierraWest Scale Models has been the undisputed leader the world over in hand-poured resin and white metal detail castings. With emerging 3D Printing technology, SierraWest continues this tradition of unparalleled dedication to quality and innovation. Utilizing custom high-strength tooling resin, SWSM 3D Printed detail parts are very durable and easily handled. All supports are removed here in the shop so you can enjoy the painting and weathering process without the hassle of cutting these supports off. Replacements are sent fast and free if you ever damage or lose a part. Be sure to check back often for the addition of new details.

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SierraWest goes Back to Logging in a BIG Way!
3D Printed Disconnects and Logging Blocks
Now Available in HO and O Scales

**New Groupings SOLD OUT**
Thank You so much!