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the Award Winning

Logging Camp Diorama

Limited Edition Craftsman Kit Series from SierraWest

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Logging Camp Main Street

Logging Camp Essentials

the Loco and Service Shops

Donkey Repair Yard

The Deer Creek Logging Camp diorama is 24" x 48" as shown in the above map. It includes four separate kits. The first, released in the Fall of 2007, is Main Street. The second, Essentials, was released in February 2008. Fall 2012 saw the release of the third kit in the series, the Loco & Service Shops. The fourth and final kit, the Donkey Repair Yard, followed closely. All four share and continue the unmatched tradition of my Twin Mills at Deer Creek Lumber Company series. A working mill needs a big camp to keep all of the equipment and loggers well fed, and maintained! I have researched and developed a very realistic diorama based upon several different logging camps. Borrowing the most plausible features from each, siding, window type and placement, door layouts, roofing materials, overall appearance and feel are all based very closely upon prototype. The logging camp was a gritty, dirty place, perfect for the type of realistic weathering and aging I love to incorporate in my models.