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Innovative Battle Ready 3D Printed Parts and Kits

SierraWest Latest Release
the Latest Releases Now Available
BEST Model Sixty Crawler
3D Printed kits in HO and O Scales
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SierraWest 3D Printed Kits
Farmall Regular Tractor and the 24 Inch Engine Lathe
3D Printed kits in HO and O Scales
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SierraWest IR Air Compressor
Ingersoll Rand Portable Air Compressor
3D Printed kits in HO and O Scales

SierraWest Blacksmith Details
Blacksmith Shop Detail Set
3D Printed kits in HO and O Scales

SierraWest Ford Mdel TT
Ford Motor Company Model TT Flat Bed Truck
3D Printed kits in HO and O Scales

SierraWest Tractor Collection
the SierraWest Tractor Collection
3D Printed kits in HO, S, and O Scales

CHB Disconnects
SierraWest goes Back to Logging in a BIG Way!
3D Printed Disconnects in HO and O Scale

CHB 3D Printed Blocks
3D Printed Logging Blocks in HO and O Scale

CHB 3D Printed Mill Engine and Boiler
The HO Scale Sawmill Machinery Set
Double Cylinder Mill Engine and Stationary Horizointal Boiler
Now Shipping, First in the Series

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SierraWest Water Tank

SierraWest Twin Mills

CHB Sawmill Machinery
O Scale Sawmill Machinery Now Available as Individual Kits!
Updated with 3D Printed Detail Parts

SierraWest Truck Repair
SierraWest Brass and Iron Foundry
SierraWest O'Neills Fabrication
SierraWest O'Neills Fabrication
SierraWest Deer Creek Mine
SierraWest O Scale Sawmill Project

Welcome to the SierraWest Scale Models website. SierraWest has been the leader in super detailed, high quality craftsman kits since 1995. SierraWest is the most awarded kit manufacturer in the model railroad hobby. I specialize in backwoods logging, sawmills, mining, and light industrial structure kits. SierraWest kits combine traditional scratch building techniques with laser cut components to provide a unique modeling experience for the discerning hobbyist. SierraWest is the home of the CHB Models line of quality HO and O Scale kits. Recently, an emphasis on superior quality 3D Printed castings has produced an amazing selection of details never before available in our hobby.

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